Ever since they were little, Rhea and Dorian have been searching for forgotten places and alien life in the valleys and mesas past the edge of town. But neither of them have any idea what they've gotten into when Rhea uncovers a set of handprints that actually take them to another world. After barely escaping an attack by a steam trireme and a hostile sorcerer, the two realize that they must destroy the handprints in order to safeguard themselves and their world.

Things do not go according to plan. After they burn the handprints with an aerosol flamethrower, the portal implodes, sucking Dorian and Rhea into a vast, diverse world dominated by the insidious Trassu Empire. For the first time, Dorian must find his own way, separate from Rhea's frenetic guidance, while Rhea struggles to control her emerging powers of sorcery. With the help of Ilyas, a runaway apprentice engineer reaching back into the ancient past to fix his broken world, they must overcome Trassu's dark machinations and find a way back home.

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New Mexico


A retrofuturist radio drama: Venus.